A large multi-family owner/management company has expanded using ControlByNet’s Cloud Solution to take over existing analog and IP surveillance.  The project includes a minimum of 15 communities from Georgia to Maryland, with potential for doubling that number.

According to the customer the main advantages of ControlByNet’s solution over 3 others that were tested are:

  • Ability to utilize onsite managed servers for larger properties alongside full Cloud surveillance for those with 20 or fewer cameras.
  • Larger properties can dually record key cameras (office, entrance) to the Cloud.
  • All properties/cameras are accessible under a single branded Cloud login.
  • Cameras can be viewed (verified tested) and entire system managed from any browser (desktop/tablet/phone) including Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE without error or downloaded apps.
  • Cloud cameras are dually backed up with on-board SD cards, which are also viewed by the same ControlByNet interface.

Another key component was the management of the system where all servers are updated by ControlByNet and regional managers and onsite managers are notified of offline cameras or outages.

Customer states ‘It was the most complete solution.  Others do this or do that, which is nice, but none did everything ControlBynet’s Cloud+ solution offered.  We actually tried 2 of the other leading ‘cloud’ video providers and the software just wasn’t anywhere close to as friendly and usable as ControlByNet’s platform’.

ControlByNet works with many communities to help reduce vandalism, track visitors, ensure the safety of residences and maintain an ‘on-when-you-need-it’ surveillance solution.

To download or print, Mid-Atlantic Multi-Family Apartment Group Chooses ControlByNet’s Cloud+ Solution for Video Surveillance