ControlByNet announced support for the H.265 video compression coding which enables larger video files to be recorded and delivered in a more efficient manner as the technology is deployed in new cameras. H.265 (HEVC or High Efficiency Video Coding) is the newest video compression technology that will replace H.264 in the coming years. “Some companies are waiting to see what technologies evolve but as we see camera manufacturers start implementing H.265 we want to make sure ControlByNet is on the forefront of support for the latest technology, not just sitting and waiting” writes Ryan Strange, President of ControlByNet. “In addition, this technology will speed video up at every point for a provider with potential savings of 50% off the file and bandwidth size”. H.265 should allow more cameras to be placed at a customer location utilizing a true-cloud model for viewing and recording with much less bandwidth utilization, without sacrificing any image quality. Efficiency of H.265 is almost 50% better than the current H.264 standard.