September 13, 2018 – ControlByNet LLC (CBN), a software development leader in cloud-based video surveillance solutions was chosen by Lenox Villas, a multifamily community in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA, to provide a cloud-based video surveillance solution. Lenox Villas is a great example of using the latest technology, including the cloud, to benefit the community. The ControlByNet solution consists of a managed server onsite with key cameras dually recorded directly to the cloud. In addition, there are 60 cameras throughout the property including hallways, garages and common areas. A viewing station is on a large LCD on the manager’s wall for instant site check-ups.

“Problems have decreased by over 80% since the installation of the ControlByNet solution. It has caught actions that included package theft, car break-ins, gate damage (twice) and pool damages. All individuals were identified and held responsible,” says Beryl Grall-Petty, Property Manager.

ControlByNet assists with building evidence cases as needed to prosecute. The property previously experienced problems with auto break-ins, unwanted visitors, package theft, illegal dumping and needed a better solution than scattered DVR’s for managing the community.

“Our solution allows an ‘always on’ policy, so management is notified if any part of the system isn’t in operation such as a power loss. This helps cover liability and protection of residents,” says Ryan Strange, President of ControlByNet. “We update our solution to support the newest web browsers, mobile devices and we keep cameras secure with the latest firmware. Truly hassle free for the managers.”

“The ease of use of the system is something we never had in the DVR days of just buying a hardware device. ControlByNet’s solution makes it so easy to actually manage the community, not just have a recording device in a closet and hope it’s operational when an event occurs” adds Beryl Grall-Petty.

About ControlByNet

About ControlByNet ( and ControlByNet LLC develops and provides solutions for cloud & managed video surveillance. ControlByNet’s software is the cornerstone for the new video surveillance business solution utilizing the cloud. Their Best-in-Class Cloud Surveillance Solution integrates seamlessly across an organization creating limitless installation scenarios including full cloud video recording, managed servers, single sign-on with multiple levels of access from any location and 100% browser-based from all desktop and mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, Chrome, Firefox and Safari). Additionally, they offer a first-rate customer service package, ControlByNet’s Star Service, which allows customers to focus on business and employ a fixed surveillance budget, while the surveillance system is handled by ControlByNet’s trained experts