About Us

About ControlByNet

Cloud Surveillance Video can be Accessed from Any Device

Who We Are

ControlByNet functions in two main areas in the cloud surveillance/security market.


ControlByNet helps multifamily, communities and businesses remain safe and secure using the latest cloud technologies. Our video surveillance software was one of the first true cloud solutions and its flexibility allows properties of all sizes to ensure video safety to residents, visitors and employees.


ControlByNet is a cloud video software developer that enable integrators to white-label a cloud surveillance platform to offer your customers. For more information, visit our reseller page.

Please feel free to call at 770-564-5544 or email info@controlbynet.com to get in touch with us.

ControlByNet is based in the Gwinnett Innovation Park out of Norcross, GA.

Why Us?

  • Proven technology in a video hosting environment
  • Long-term customers as proof of solution
  • Commitment to expanding options for customers
  • Excellence in software design and structure