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How ControlByNet’s Multifamily Video Surveillance Solution Makes Managers & Owners Lives Easier

Medlock Bridge consisted of 28 cameras scattered across 2 clubhouses, 2 pools, 8 tennis courts, 1 lake and a large activity field. The video surveillance solution involved 3 DVR’s (today often called appliances or bridges), 4 different brands of cameras…half analog…and no remote access to video.

After diagnosing all the issues with the previous installation, it was a fairly easy conversion to ControlByNet’s solution, which instead of being mass produced to meet all businesses in the world is focused towards the multifamily market.

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ControlByNet Offers Cloud Surveillance Support Service, ControlByNet Star Service, to their Multi-Site and Multi-Family Property Customers

As Seen in Atlanta Business Chronicles
ControlByNet Star Service is the perfect complement to the Best-in-Class Cloud Surveillance Solution. It provides customers with the first-rate customer service package, ControlByNet Star Service, which allows customers to focus on their business while their surveillance system is administered by ControlByNet’s trained experts.

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Mid-Atlantic Multi-Family Apartment Group Chooses ControlByNet’s Cloud+ Solution for Video Surveillance

A large multi-family owner/management company has expanded using ControlByNet’s Cloud Solution to take over existing analog and IP surveillance. The project includes a minimum of 15 communities from Georgia to Maryland, with potential for doubling that number.

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News Brief – 2015

Travel and Absent Residents Leaves Communities Vulnerable to Theft and Vandalism

Newspapers piled up outside the door, dark windows at night and absent cars are all signs that the resident is away, leaving them vulnerable to thieves and vandals. As a property manager, will you have the video surveillance evidence needed to show unauthorized trucks or cars leaving the scene of the incident? ControlByNet’s i-flashback CLOUD provides video surveillance that is easily accessible on any mobile device with a single login and stores safely in the CLOUD, off site, protecting the surveillance evidence.

Security Magazine – 2015

Detecting and Deterring Metal Theft in 2015

Stealth Alloys, a full service metal recycling facility located just outside of Atlanta, is an i-flashback Cloud customer from ControlByNet. As with any property that maintains even a brief inventory of valuable metals, the company has to deal with intruders as well as monitor employees. The system keeps everything running smoothly and notifies Stealth when something is offline. In addition, the use of the cloud service allows a duplicate video stream to be recorded offsite for safety should something happen at the business.
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News Brief – 2015 Atlanta Apartment Association Trade Show

ControlByNet Exhibits at Atlanta Apartment Association’s 2015 Annual Trade Show

ControlByNet  is exhibiting its i-flashback CLOUD video surveillance security solution to apartment managers and owners at the sold out, Atlanta Apartment Association’s (AAA) annual trade show in booth #756.
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Source Security 2015- Featured Article by ControlByNet

Overcoming Obstacles To Implementing Hosted Video Surveillance

Hosted video surveillance, or cloud video, has been utilized in small markets over the past few years and is just now really being pushed as a viable alternative to traditional onsite DVR’s.
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DVRs, NVRs, the clouds and virtual storage are the prevailing options today and each has its features and challenges. There is talk that eventually all storage will go to the clouds. Some technologies offer a hybrid approach. Others feature analytics for smart recording. What is the best approach for your surveillance customers? We asked several leading industry experts for their input on this timely topic.
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Some think IP video is like a high-performance luxury car. It is powerful and beautiful to look at, but too costly and complicated to own. But similar to how car dealers have lowered the investment bar with leasing options, a hosted video surveillance model has made top-of-the-line IP technology affordable by eliminating upfront investment.
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