• 13 Mar Multifamily Properties
    Don’t get ‘Stuck in Spring’ with Your Video Surveillance

    Tips to reduce future issues with system reliance, costs and liability. With new video surveillance and ‘security’ providers showing up every week, how can you ensure your community doesn’t get stuck with unreasonable costs, hardware or liability?  Here is a simple list to use when shopping for vendors or solutions. Do you own the hardware/cameras? […]

  • 29 Jan
    How ControlByNet’s Multifamily Video Surveillance Solution Makes Managers & Owners Lives Easier

    Location: The Community at Medlock Bridge Problem: Medlock Bridge consisted of 28 cameras scattered across 2 clubhouses, 2 pools, 8 tennis courts, 1 lake and a large activity field. The video surveillance solution involved 3 DVR’s (today often called appliances or bridges), 4 different brands of cameras…half analog…and no remote access to video. Each DVR […]

  • 12 Sep
    Lenox Villas Chooses ControlByNet’s Cloud Video Solution for Multifamily Property Surveillance

    September 13, 2018 – ControlByNet LLC (CBN), a software development leader in cloud-based video surveillance solutions was chosen by Lenox Villas, a multifamily community in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA, to provide a cloud-based video surveillance solution. Lenox Villas is a great example of using the latest technology, including the cloud, to benefit the […]

  • 16 Apr
    ControlByNet Adds Support for H.265 IP Cameras to Increase Viewing Efficiency

    ControlByNet announced support for the H.265 video compression coding which enables larger video files to be recorded and delivered in a more efficient manner as the technology is deployed in new cameras. H.265 (HEVC or High Efficiency Video Coding) is the newest video compression technology that will replace H.264 in the coming years. “Some companies […]

  • 02 Mar
    ControlByNet Offers Cloud Surveillance Support Service to their Multi-Site and Multi-Family Property Customers

    ControlByNet Offers Cloud Surveillance Support Service, ControlByNet Star Service, to their Multi-Site and Multi-Family Property Customers   March 1, 2018 – ControlByNet Star Service is the perfect complement to the Best-in-Class Cloud Surveillance Solution. It provides customers with the first-rate customer service package, ControlByNet Star Service, which allows customers to focus on their business while […]

  • 25 Jan
    What does “cloud” mean in video surveillance market?

    The ‘Cloud’ is often confused in terms of representation of it simply meaning where data is stored. While that is a key factor is isn’t solely what determines a real cloud system.   A real cloud system allows for: Decentralization & Sharing of Resources: Multiple systems from anywhere on the Internet can be combined to make an ideal […]