• 25 Jan
    What does “cloud” mean in video surveillance market?

    The ‘Cloud’ is often confused in terms of representation of it simply meaning where data is stored. While that is a key factor is isn’t solely what determines a real cloud system.   A real cloud system allows for: Decentralization & Sharing of Resources: Multiple systems from anywhere on the Internet can be combined to make an ideal […]

  • 03 Jan
    ControlByNet released a version of its Guard-Concierge Station software that utilizes “one-click” Axis Cameras

    ControlByNet has released a version of its Guard-Concierge Station software enabling it to utilize the ‘one-click’ component of Axis Communications cameras jointly with a scaled down version of ControlByNet’s cloud surveillance. One of the only true-cloud video solutions for integrators and end-users, the additional support adds to the flexibility of ControlByNet’s cloud video solutions. It enables […]

  • 08 Nov
    How Multi-Family Property Owners Use Cloud Surveillance

    Multi-Family Providers are realizing the benefits of using the Cloud not only for storage to secure video off-site but also as a way of linking properties together for ease of access, management and control. By utilizing ControlByNet’s Cloud solution owners can provide a single solution to multiple properties, with single web-login for managers, regional directors […]

  • 10 Aug Cloud Access for Security and Surveillance Software
    ControlByNet to Provide Isonas Pure Access Cloud

    ControlByNet will partner with Isonas to offer its Pure Access Cloud access control solution to be used in tandem with ControlByNet’s popular i-flashback browser-based hosted surveillance solution. ControlByNet provides Cloud-based video surveillance solutions along with an IP-based guard station for multi-tenant facilities.  ‘Many people don’t know that we’re also an installer / integrator of our solution […]

  • 01 Aug How Video Surveillance in the Cloud Works
    Why isn’t Your Video Surveillance in the Cloud?

    “The Cloud” has, admittedly, become a top marketing buzzword. The Internet of Things boom has crept into all facets of life making us connected, synced and backed-up to everything from smart TVs, refrigerators, smoke alarms and countless other electronics. While some eagerly update their life so it can all be easily monitored and managed on […]

  • 29 Jun
    ControlByNet Recognizes the Need for Speed in Recovering Stolen Property

    NORCOSS, GA – June 28, 2017 – ControlByNet’s i-flashback CLOUD video surveillance security solution allows rapid review of motion events for quick responses, which are essential when tracking stolen goods.  For example, according to BoatUS Magazine, only one stolen boat in 10 is ever recovered. The rest are total losses; even those that are recovered […]