Sell Cloud Video

Sell Cloud Video

Why Our Hosted Solutions?

ControlByNet has the most advanced solution for security surveillance solutions.

  • Central User Authentication across multiple servers
  • No Contracts!
  • ‘Quick-View’ technology provides status of all accounts, cameras, disk storage and bandwidth per account or camera
  • Central licensing per server allows camera limits as well as GB limits per account
  • Integrates authentication with onsite servers…still single hosted login regardless of server location
  • Not tied into a single camera manufacturer; as other manufactures provide viable solutions, we’ll support them
  • Runs on Windows Architecture…all in one package; no database or web server software required

Move In Slowly…

Those looking to move with more caution into the IP surveillance field may want to offer i-flashback CLOUD hosting services and let ControlByNet manage the software, hardware and support. We can introduce you to hosted solutions.

  • Let ControlByNet host your customer’s cameras until you’re ready.
  • In the process we’ll train you and guide you through every step.

ControlByNet Is Also An Integrator…So What Does That Mean For Me?

ControlByNet does not just provide software for resellers, we also manage thousands of hosted video connections. This provides ease of mind that the software is tested and always running in live environments. We can guide you through the entire process and make it a very smooth entrance into hosted solutions.

No guessing on hardware, software, bandwidth, contract writing…we’ve already done it all and can walk you through each area. All you have to do is ask and we will guide you every step along the way from software, selection of computer hardware and cameras…any assistance you require.

ControlByNet is always looking for partners that are dedicated to providing their clients the best possible options in video surveillance.

For more details about adding recurring revenue to your business, please visit our reseller site: