Star Service

Our Star Service
Takes the Hassle Out
of Video Surveillance


ControlByNet’s Star Service is the perfect complement to our Best-in-Class Cloud Surveillance Solution. Not only do we provide customers with the most user-friendly software but also our first-rate customer service package, ControlByNet’s Star Service, which allows you to focus on business while your surveillance system is handled by our trained experts. Our Star Service is 100% included with your surveillance solution.

Star Service Includes

One Company = One Cloud

• Consistent feature set and user experience across the organization

Property Inspection

• View changes or obstructions
• Orientation changes
• Focus issues

Instant Notification and Resolution of Offline Cameras or Connection Interruption

Fast forensic search and evidence gathering

• We work with onsite management and the police
• Our experienced crew, service and software drastically reduce event search time

System Maintenance

• Automatic Feature Updates
• Security Updates / Policy Enforcement

Hassle-Free Professional Installation


• Save budget – use previously purchased cameras
• You purchase and own equipment and we’ll manage/host
• Option to roll all expenses into a fixed monthly

Customer Familiarity

• Property diagram
• Network / Camera settings
• Emergency numbers