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ControlByNet i-flashback CLOUD Remote Video Surveillance

With i-flashback CLOUD and our help, you can quickly and easily have a professional hosted video surveillance solution. Since the video is always stored in the cloud there’s never any chance of the video being stolen or damaged.

From an Atlanta-Journal Recent Article on an $11k Theft:

The thieves cut the phone lines into the building, and forced entry through a window, Hernandez said. Once inside, they destroyed video surveillance recorders and other security equipment.

These are the types of customers that are dropping the analog cctv/dvr solutions for more professional and advanced solutions.

How do Businesses Use Cloud-based Surveillance?

  • Prevent Video Evidence Theft
  • Minimize Costs of Onsite Hardware Requirements
  • Reduce On-Site Management
  • Backup Key Cameras to a Primary System
  • Convert Analog Cameras to the Cloud

Does your organization have multiple sites or locations (ie. communities, shops, branch offices)?

Not with i-flashback….to you it’s all one site; 1 login, 1 username, 1 website.

We can create a plan for your business based on your requirements and concerns. We can assist with every aspect; planning, design, and even installation. Give us a call at 770-564-5544.  If you have existing cameras, let us host those for you.  If you need new cameras we do offer cameras, but only with a service (not general hardware sales).

Just a few of our customers…

  • Restaurants
  • Recycling Yards
  • Apartments
  • Residential Amenity Areas
  • Testing Labs
  • Industrial Shops
  • Government Facilities
  • Condos
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Auto Maintenance Shops
  • Doctor/Dentist Offices
  • Golf Clubs
  • Schools


  • Browser-based Administration
  • 24/7 Live Video Access
  • View or Offload Video Archives
  • Multiple Viewer Access Levels
  • Motion Detection with Blockout Areas
  • NO Server Onsite
  • E-mail Important Events
  • Grouping of Cameras
  • Video Stored in AVI Format
  • Wireless Video
  • Windows Mobile Support

Supporting Partners…

 Community Associations Institute  Atlanta Apartment Association