ip lookout

ControlByNet ip-LookOUT Guard Station Camera Monitoring

ip-LookOUT is ControlByNet’s Guard Station Monitoring Solution. As the most advanced technology in the market, it enables a single guard to monitor hundreds of IP cameras….many more than would usually be possible. Motion events are displayed along with the associated videos. Thanks to a dual-screen layout, the guard also has access to every live video feed as well as the past video events. The application can instantly be running from any remote facility with no prior configuration allowing immediate redundancy in an emergency.  Used in combination with i-flashback REMOTE, one guard would be looking at facilities around the world no matter where the location.

Ideal for Multi-Site Organizations or Remote Video Monitoring Providers

iplookout_imgTo aid in your monitoring center requirements, we also have a ‘full screen viewer’ application (FSV) that controls the displays of remote sites. This organizes rooms with many display monitors, each dedicated to a certain area of IP cameras or grouped in any desired layout.

Since the entire system is IP-based, IP security cameras can be physically located anywhere in the world.

ip-LookOUT consists of two distinct functional areas:

Observation Area (left LCD):

  • Listing of Monitored Sites
  • Display of Cameras at Selected Site
  • Live View of Cameras
  • List of Motion Archives
  • Playback Window of Videos
Alert Area (right LCD):

  • Column of Recent Motion Alarms
  • Notes Area to Dismiss or Flag Event
  • Live View of Alerted Camera
  • List of Recent Archived Videos
  • Playback Window of Alert

CBN3 ResizeWith all communications IP-based, an ip-LookOUT station can be activated on any computer on the Internet. This allows seamless moves for infrastructure or temporary personnel locations.

A guard can quickly suspend alerts on cameras should there be late-working employee or weather that could impact events. The manager/customer views a daily report outlining all activities of the shift, including links to the alerts.

ControlByNet has created the ideal security solution for your entire organization.

Have a property that needs watching?

We host a monitoring center to watch your cameras should you require assistance. We either come in with our solution or tap into your existing analog cameras using an encoder. It’s a very quick and cost-effective process that provides instant remote video monitoring capabiities.

ControlByNet allows an enterprise or guard company to ‘rent a monitoring center’ within our facility. We can watch or you can place your guard in it…either way the options are available for you to move into remote guarding.